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Filaments made in the Netherlands!

High quality of raw materials!

High variety in materials and colors!

Stable printing properties for all filaments!

NEEMA3D™ filaments for 3D printers

Since 3d printing and particular Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology have been made famous and accessible to a wider audience, the need of creating new and qualitative filaments has been created. The revolution in 3d printing requires revolutionary filaments! 

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Athena Neema3D™ filaments

Athena Neema3D™ filaments

ΝEEMA3D™ Athena edition is the filament for your everyday prints, when you want to combine quality and price! Standard edition includes the two most famous materials: PLA and ABS. With 1Kg net weight and packed carefully, come to you to create your designs to real 3d printed objects.

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Ultimate NEEMA3D™ filaments

Ultimate NEEMA3D™ filaments

ΝΕΕΜΑ3D™ Ultimate edition can satisfy all your 3d printing needs! Our innovative filaments come in a large selection of weight: 1KG, 0.75KG, 0.5KG and 0.3KG. As for the packaging we have chosen a nice transparent spool for you, to let you know how much filament is left at any time.

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High Temperature

High Temperature

Meet our new high temperature filaments for the most demanding applications. PEI ULTEM, PPSU, PEEK and PEKK in our selection in cooperation with the biggest chemical companies. 

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NEEMA3D™ offers two editions of filaments for all your 3d printing needs. Ultimate edition which you can find our best quality of filament PLA:evo, ABS:evo, ASA:evo and PETG:evo and  special filaments  flex:plus, semi flex:plus, wood:plus and many more depending the job you need it for! In addition, Standard edition where you can find our regular but still extra strong PLA and ABS for your everyday prints. Either you want to print something durable and stable, filexible, transparent, UV resistant and weather resistant you can find your filament in NEEMA3D™. The revolution in 3D printing filaments!


High quality of raw materials and manufactured in the Netherlands according to the highest industry standards! Our continuous research in 3d printing filaments brings you new and innovative materials. Our latest ABS:evo, ASA:evo materials are available after months of research in the lab and many prints!


NEEMA3D™ filaments use different packaging for each of the two editions. Standard edition is packed in a brown box, sealed with shrink film and inside is a black spool which is sealed in vacuumed bag with 1 bag of silica gel. Ultimate edition is packed in a special NEEMA3D™ design box, sealed with shrink film and inside is a transparent spool which is sealed in a re-sealable vacuumed bag with 1 bag of silica gel.  

We ship our filaments to all EU locations! Need shipping or any other information?

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