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Filaments made in the Netherlands!

High quality of raw materials!

High variety in materials and colors!

Stable printing properties for all filaments!

Ultimate NEEMA3D™ filaments

ΝΕΕΜΑ3D™ Ultimate edition can satisfy all your 3d printing needs! Our innovative filaments come in a large selection of weight: 1KG, 0.75KG, 0.5KG and 0.3KG. As for the packaging we have chosen a nice transparent spool for you, to let you know how much filament is left at any time.

In addition, the resealed vacuumed bag helps the filament to keep the proper humidity even after the opening. You just put it inside with the silica gel and close it! In NEEMA3D™ ultimate edition you will find two different signs:

  • EVO sign where we present to you our high end filaments, all our revolutionary materials! PLA: EVO HP with high strength and high printing speed (>125mm/s), ABS: EVO with 2x strength (58KJ/m2) , TPU FLEX: EVO strong flexible filament with high speed printing (>70mm/s), ASA: EVO material for UV and weather resistance, PETG: EVO for strength and transparency and PLA: EVO for easy printing and beautiful colors!  All these innovative materials, have been created after a lot of effort in testing and many hours of 3d printing. Our R&D department continue to search for new materials which you will see soon in our site!
  • PLUS sign where we will find special materials which will give you something plus according to the competition! WOOD: PLUS, CARBON: PLUS, METAL filaments OLYMPIC BRONZE and SPARTAN COPPER, PC: PLUS, FLEX: PLUS and many more!

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