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Filaments made in the Netherlands!

High quality of raw materials!

High variety in materials and colors!

Stable printing properties for all filaments!

Athena Neema3D™ filaments

ΝEEMA3D™ Athena edition is the filament for your everyday prints, when you want to combine quality and price! Standard edition includes the two most famous materials: PLA and ABS. With 1Kg net weight and packed carefully, come to you to create your designs to real 3d printed objects.

NEEMA3D™ Athena PLA and Athena ABS is 2x stronger than many filaments that you have tried! In addition, the highest industry standards, ensures the proper diameter, quality and brightness of our filament. Both PLA and ABS are available in 4 colors, which we believe are the most commonly used.  The packaging procedure is: packed in a brown box, sealed with shrink film for protection. In addition, black spool which is sealed in vacuumed bag with 1 bag of silica gel

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PLA Athena

PLA Athena

NEEMA3D™ Athena PLA is a tough, easy to use high quality PLA, an ideal start for your 3D printing constructions.

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ABS Athena

ABS Athena

NEEMA3D™ Athena ABS is a strong impact-resistant filament, advised for 3D printing of solid printed products.  

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